"how are you going to get a job if you're an artist?"
-my mom

im a NYC based creative experienced in photography, digital and traditional art, and design. i see my work as my second language. for me the visual experience as a way to share others stories that can transcend the limitations of language and space.

when I'm not doing freelance art and photography, i work as the head graphic designer of Morpho Magazine, a creative online space for non-binary and women of color, and had just released our first print zine "VICES" featuring over 16 contributors.


in college i did a bedroom series with over 20 models about how young asians define the american dream titled "(asian) American Dream". my graduation thesis was made a short documentary about working class, elderly women their small businesses in the ever-expanding Seoul. 


i worked as a set designer for 1939 Studios, which aims to create stories by black artist for a black audience. i also was the set designer on the off-broadway play 'First Sight' by Indonesian-American writer Dena Igusti.